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Cambodia travel and Angkor Wat travel

Visitors access Cambodia through this point are required to have a entry visa for Cambodia in advance, they can have a visa from Royal Cambodian Embassy to their own country or at Cambodian consulate in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Access from Thailand:
Recently there are 2 international border check points between Cambodia and Thailand.

1. Poi Pet (Cambodia) and Aranyaprathet (Thailand)
This point it can be connect Bangkok or North-East of Thailand to Phnom Penh via North-West part of Cambodia including Angkor area. This point, visitors can get entry visa for Cambodia on arrival with cost of US$20. Taxi also available there, especially for Siem Reap - Angkor, it cost around US$15 per person on the National road No.6, road is pure condition, so it take about 7 hours from border to Siem Reap town.

2. Cham Yem (Cambodia) and Trad (Thailand)
Visitors can be reached this point by road from Bangkok or South-East of Thailand, arrive Trad Province of Thailand and than meet the international border check point Cham Yem in Koh Kong Province of Cambodia. Across this point visitors are required to have an entry visa for Cambodia, they can have it at Royal Cambodian Embassy to Thailand in Bangkok or other places in advance. From Koh Kong, visitors can continue their trip to Sihanoukville, the seaside paradise of Cambodia, by fast boat around 3 hours and cost US$20 (one way), and then connect to Phnom Penh City by National road No.4 (good road) with 225km it takes about 3 hours by taxi or air con-bus, cost around US$5.

Visitors can be reached Cambodia by waterway from neighboring countries and the world. Cambodia have the international seaport Sihanoukville and the Mekong river port Phnom Penh. These are two main gateways to Cambodia by waterway, which become popular.
Cruise ship can be possible on the Mekong river from Vietnam to Phnom Penh capital city, and connect to upper Mekong closed to Laos or link it with Tonle Sap river and Lake to Siem Reap Angkor, the world wonder of Cambodia. By this route, visitors can enjoy the Mekong's views and discovery the new area of Cambodia with combine together nature, culture and life stiles of the people.

Sihanoukville the international seaport gateway have experiences for years to receive many cruise ships from the world, such as Japanese cruise ship named "Peace Boat" which hundreds of visitors have visited.
Visitors access by these ways are required to have an entry visa for Cambodia in advance.





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