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Hong Kong hotels

Hong Kong hotels and accommodation ••
Hong Kong hotels and accommodation, Hongkong travel and hotel reservation

General Information
Hong Kong adjoins the Chinese province of Guangdong and has a land area of 1,078 square kilometres. It is one of the most interesting places to visit, and is a country with a rich history, fascinating culture and one of the largest business areas in the world. Hong Kong is divided into 4 areas; Kowloon, which is the major commercial centre, Hong Kong Island, the New Territories, and the Outlying Islands. There is so much to explore here apart from a bustling busy centre, with nearly 75 percent of Hong Kong's land countryside and 40 percent of the territory conserved parkland. English is widely spoken and with a good transportation system, getting around is very easy.

Hong Kong's climate is sub-tropical with a more temperate climate for half of the year. From November to February the weather is fairly cool with temperatures around the mid teens though they can drop to below 10C. During March to April the humidity increases and temperatures rise to between 20-27C. May to August can be quite hot with temperatures reaching 32C and September is the month when there is a slight risk of a tropical cyclone. Thunderstorms are at their most common from April to September, but as with most tropical and sub tropical climates, the showers which can be quite intense, do not last too long before the sun returns.




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