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Laos hotels and travel - festivals in Laos

Festivals ••
Laos trave and festivals, events in Laos







05-08 February Sikhottabong Festival
This religious festival is held at Sikhottabong stupa, located about 6 km south of Thakhek. Historically, it was built in the 8th and 10th centuries by King Nanthasene. Then the stupa was restored as its original design in the 1950's.

05-08 February Wat Phu Festival (Champasak)
Wat phu festival is annually held in the full moon of the 3rd month of lunar calendar,on the grounds of the enchanting pre-Angkorian.Wat Phu remains in Champasak. Festivities are elephants racing, buffaloes fighting,cocks fighting and performances of Lao traditional music and dance.The trade fair showcasing the products from the southern province of Laos,Thailand,Cambodia and Vietnam is also held

13-16 April Lao New Year (Vientiane)
Lao New Year,Pi Mai Lao, usually performed on April 13-15, or lunar new year, is the time when the entire country celebrates;citizens remove Buddha images from the temples to clean with scented water,then take to the streets to dowse one another with this water,an act of clean and purification in anticipation of the end of the dry season

13-16 April Lao New Year (Luang Prabang)
In Luangprabang, the new year celebration is especially beautified amd the most colorful parade describing the traditional Lao costumes,music and dance, the procession of the sacred Prabang Buddha image, and the Miss New Year beauty contest will be shown.

17-18 August Boat Racing Festival (Luangprabang)
boat racing in VientianeThis festival includes boat racing on the NamKhane River and a trade fair in Luangprabang city. At the Khao Salak ceremony day, people visit local temples to make offering to the dead as well to share merits making

02 September Boat Racing Festival (Khammouan)
Boat Racing is held in Sebangfai river. At the same occasion a trade fair of agricultural products, local handicrafts, traditional Lao music and dance performance; at the same time, citizens donate the offering to the dead in to share merits.

02-03 October Boat Racing Festival (Vientiane)
In Vientiane, the water festival held during k Pansa is spectacular; on the first day at dawn, donations and offerings are made at temples around the city; in the evening, candlelight processions are held around the temples and hundred of colorful flosta decoated with flower; incense and candle are set adrift down the Mekong river in thanksgiving to the river spirit; the next day, a popular and exciting boat racing competition is held on the Mekong.

26-31 OctoberThat Luang Festival and Trade Fair (Vientiane)
This religious festival is held in and around That Luang stupa, the national sysmbol of Laos, where hundreds of monks gather to accept alms and floral votives from the people; the festival includes a grand fireworks display at night and an international trade fair, showcasing tourism in Laos and other countries in ASEAN and the Great Mekong Sub region,will take place during the day

24-29 December That Inhang Festival (Savannakhet)
This festival will ce held on the grounds of the splendid That Inhang stupa, located just outside the city of Savannkakhet; an international trade fair will include exhibitions of tourism products from Laos, Thailand and Vietnam and performance of traditional Lao, Thai and Vietnamese music and dance; the fair will also include a sports competition, complete with foorball, boxing and tennis matchs and local traditions like a drumming competition.




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