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Laos hotels and travel - visas and passport

Passport / Visas ••
Laos visas, passport and travel


All visitors entering Laos must posses valid passports
Visa Visas Visitors traveling to Laos for the purpose of tourism need a visa, which can be obtained in deferent way. An easy way is to book a tour to Laos with an authorized travel agency abroad who has a formal contact with one of local tour operators.

This agency will provide you with the necessary form, enabling you to apply for the visa at your nearest Laos embassy or consulate (a list of these is provide at the back of this procure) or you can make contact directly with local tour operators If you book a tour to Laos and you are resident of a country that dose not have a Laos embassy or in case of urgency, you can obtain the visa upon arrival only Vattay airport and Mittaphab Bridge which both are the international border checkpoint in Vientiane.

To do so you will need to meet at least some of the following conditions:
- Pay a fee
- Have a return air ticket or a valid visa from a third country.
- Have a confirmation of Hotel in Laos PDR.
- Certificate of a bank statement or a life insurance




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