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Chiang Rai travel: hotels and accommodation, Thailand

Welcome to Chiang Rai ••
Chiang mai Thailand: hotels: resorts and accommodation: Chiang mai travel
General Information

The northernmost province of Thailand, Chiang Rai is situated on the Kok River basin 416 metres above sea level. With an area of some 11,678 square kilometres. It is about 785 kilometres from Bangkok. Mostly mountainous, it reaches the Mae Khong River to the north and borders on both Myanmar and Laos.

The province is rich in tourism resources in term of natural attractions and antiquities, evidence of its past civilisation. It is also home to several hilltribes who follow fascinating ways of life. Chiang Rai is also a tourism gateway into Myanmar and Laos.

Distances from Chiang Rai town to other districts :

- Amphoe Phan 46 kms.
- Amphoe Thoeng 64 kms.
- Amphoe Mae Chan 20 kms.
- Amphoe Mae Sai 63 kms.
- Amphoe Wiang Pa Pao 91 kms.
- Amphoe Chiang Khong 141 kms.
- Amphoe Mae Suai 53 kms.
- Amphoe Chiang Saen 60 kms.
- Amphoe Pa Daet 52 kms.
- Amphoe Wiang Chai 12 kms.
- Amphoe Phaya Mengrai 48 kms.
- Amphoe Wiang Kaen 127 kms.

Distances from Chiang Rai town to other provinces:

- Chiang Mai 180 kms.
- Phayao 94 kms.
- Phrae 232 kms.
- Nan 271 kms.
- Uttaradit 305 kms.




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