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Rayong hotels: hotel in Thailand and accommodation

Welcome to Rayong ••
Rayong travel
General Information


Another delightful resort on the eastern coast, Rayong is just beginning to gain wider popularity. With a 100 kilometre-long coastline, it boasts several beautiful beaches and scenic waterfalls amid natural surroundings.

Rayong is also rich in sea-life resources and considered a major agricultural and industrial province.

Rayong is 180 kilometres from Bangkok and covers a total area of 3,552 square kilometres. Administrative, it is divided into Muang Rayong, Klaeng, Ban Khai, Bang Chang, Pluak Daeng and Wang Chan districts and Khao Chamao and Nikhom Phatthana sub-districts.

Well-known and highly popular items are products from the sea, including shrimp paste, fish sauce, dried shrimp, salted fish and squid. All at reasonable prices, they are available at Ban Phe market and the market within town limit.

Fruits in season during May to June include durian, rambutan and mangosteen which are also marketed nation-wide. Visitors to Rayong during this period unfailingly take advantage of the abundance and the low prices of these succulent tropical fruits. Some fruit orchards are also open to visitors.

A cottage industry production, Kok Weed Products are made mainly by the people of Tambon Kram in Klaeng district. They come in the shape of caps, handbags and souvenirs and can be purchased at shop near the Sunthornphu Memorial.

Distances from Rayong Town to Other Destinations :

Map Ta Phut 13 kilometres
Ban Chang 27 kilometres
U Taphao Airport 35 kilometres
Ban Khai 11 kilometres
Ban Phe 19 kilometres
Laem Mae Phim 45 kilometres
Klaeng 47 kilometres
Chon Buri 98 kilometres
Pattaya 60 kilometres
Chanthaburi 110 kilometres
Trat 179 kilometres




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