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Samui hotels and travel - attractions and beaches

Welcome to Samui Island ••
Samui travel and beaches

Bang Po


Bo Phut

Big Buhhda

Choeng Mon



Hua Thanon

Bang Kao

Thong Krut

Taling Ngam


Bang Po
Bang PoBang Po Beach is located on the northwest corner of Koh Samui, between Nathon and Maenam. The beach is four kilometers long and faces to the north with views of Koh Phangan.
The waters are calm in this area of Koh Samui and the beach is very clean. Palm trees line the edge. There are shallow coral reefs nearby which provide excellent snorkeling.

There is not much development in this area. Very limited accommodation, no tourist shopping or nightlife. The price for land in this area is less than other areas of Koh Samui. The result is many housing developments with houses for sale and rent. The road in this part of Koh Samui is very close to the ocean and quite hilly.

MaenamLocated fairly close to the port of Nathon, Maenam beach had some of the first bungalows on Koh Samui. Maenam beach is a four kilometer stretch of firm, clean sand and sparkling water. Maenam is located on the north side of Koh Samui, east of Bang Po. The warm water is perfect for swimming, snorkeling, sailing and other water sports.

There is an interesting village here with a definite Chinese influence. Lots of wooden shophouses with a Chinese flavor, and even a small Chinese temple! There are plenty of interesting shops and restaurants in the village. Many tour companies and dive shops. There is accommodation for all budgets.

There are two piers in Maenam, one for express boats and the other for speedboats to Koh Phangan, Koh Tao, Koh Nang Yuan and Angthong National Marine Park.
This is a pleasant, quiet spot, for families, couples and singles alike. If you are looking for night life, you will have to travel out of Maenam.

Bo Phut
Bo Phut beachBo Phut Beach is sleepy little fishing village located on the north side of Koh Samui, between Maenam and Big Buddha. Bo Phut Beach is one of Koh Samui's older settlements, maintaining it's Samui authenticity, while welcoming charming restaurants, bars and cafes, many directly on the beach. Lots of dive shops and tour companies for all of your travel needs.

There is one pier at Bo Phut for speedboats to Koh Phangan, Koh Tao, Koh Nang Yuan and Angthong National Marine Park.
The beach at Bo Phut is three kilometers long and is white smooth sand. Water skiing and other water sports are popular here. Swimming is best at the eastern part of the beach, as there is a lot of seaweed and algae in the bay.
Bo Phut is known for its charming, quaint and romantic atmosphere, perfect for those seeking privacy, peace and quiet.

Big Buhhda
Big buddhaBig Buddha Beach is located on the northeast corner of Koh Samui and takes it's name from the 12-meter statue of Buddha (called Phra Yai) in a seated position. The Big Buddha is actually on the island of Koh Fan, which is joined to Koh Samui by a short causeway. There are a few interesting Wats in the area, with the Big Buddha residing at Wat Phra Yai.

Big Buddha Beach is a quiet and peaceful place. The beach is two kilometers long, not very wide, and is lined with palm trees.
Swimming is good at this beach as it is well protected by the headlands. The water is shallow and calm (except when the weather is not calm!).
Bungalows, private homes and restaurants line the beach at the water's edge. There is a pier here for express boat service to Koh Phangan. A quiet place where people come to contemplate and relax.




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