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Vietnam travel and tourism information- Nha Trang

Complete list of Nha Trang Hotels ••
Vietnam hotels travel and tourism, Vietnam history and Hanoi accommodation

Complete list of Nha Trang hotels


Saigon Nha Trang


Sofitel VinPearl Resort


Yasaka Saigon Nha Trang Hotel



Ana Mandara Hotel


Evason Hideaway at Ana Mandara


Hai Yen Hotel


Nha Trang Lodge Hotel



Que Huong Hotel


Vien Dong Hotel


There is a Vietnamese fable about the creation of Halong Bay. It says that the gods, seeing an invading Navy approaching the bay, sent down dragons to drive off the invaders and protect the local people. The gigantic behemoths smashed up the rocks around the bay with their tails and stopped the attack - leaving behind over three thousand rocky islands and outcroppings straggled across the bay. Halong bay

Science, however, says that the limestone and dolomite karsts were created by the twin powers of wind and seawater eroding the rock over a period of millions of years - which sounds almost as impressive as the dragon theory.

Whichever you choose to believe, the rocks of Halong Bay, scattered over 1,500 square km, are a remarkable natural wonder, which is why UNESCO was prompted to name it one of its World Nature Heritage sites in 1994. Several of the karsts are hollow and are riddled with caves and grottoes, some of which have been turned into Buddhist shrines, while others are studies in the wonderment of nature alone. From outside the different shapes and sizes of the karsts and islands have inspired local fisherman to give many of them names for the animals and objects they most closely represent. Crocodile, Dragon, Elephant, Fighting Cock, Head of Buffalo, Neck of Horse, Black Cloud and Teapot, among others, can

The area has also played host to two major Vietnamese sea victories, in the 10 and 13th centuries, against large Chinese navies of several hundred vessels. As the navies approached the estuary to the Bac Dang River, their ships were wrecked upon thousands of submerged, iron-tipped, spikes - like the teeth of a dragon





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